Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break

The only 'project' we had over spring break was to fill the sandbox underneath the tree house...with enough for an extra little pile.


Extra time playing with Daddy.
Wrestling, tickling (tick-a-tick-a-tick-a by Jonah), and Noah being a human bulldozer

Extra time to just lounge around...and listen to Adventures in Odyssey on cassette tape! Christian is quite pleased with himself that he can run the tape player by himself...and loves to listen to the stories.

I got a grocery helper...
and when we pulled into the parking lot, it was snowing....alot!!

Tower building brothers...and a third who is looking to tackle.

Plenty of time spent outdoors.

Christian insisted on wearing this scarf headband to go with me to pick up the bountiful basket (the produce co-op we've been doing for several months now).

Everyone enjoyed the outdoors...chickens included. We've recently added five more chickens to our original "greats"...they are not near as great as ours, but we'll give them a chance (and since they are not near as friendly, we didn't bother naming them).
This one in the picture is either Ardis or Lois...Jonah loves getting close to them and petting them.

Christian is convinced that these flowers (aka weeds) are edible, and not only that, but they are DELICIOUS! He has brought Noah into this belief. It is quite hilarious.

It felt so nice to have this time all together...just a little taste of summer. 
It was a good break.

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