Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Break [exploration place]

Noah and I came back from Iowa late Monday night.
The next day, since Ben and Christian are on spring break, we went to the Exploration Place. There is much to see and do..I'm glad we recently bought a pass, as its not really something you can do all in one visit.

Christian and I made paper airplanes (he has a small large obsession with making them).
They had a dart board to aim them at. This area had all kinds of airplane information and things to look at.

Another area, they built with these thin wooden pieces. They were "architectural" blocks. Both Noah and Christian enjoyed playing with those...and Ben too.

While Christian and Noah checked out a big version of a water table that they could make different paths for the water to flow through, Jonah enjoyed looking at the turtle.

Ahhh, the wind tunnel. I think it said 70 mph winds...to demonstrate feelings of a tornado.

I really liked how many "hands on" things they have to look at and figure out. Its fun and educational all in one...and yet so fascinating for even adults.

We finished by going to the Coral Reef movie in the dome theater. Jonah was so close to sleeping..yet then was SO not, and he and I roamed around the halls while the other boys finished it.

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