Monday, November 30, 2015

Our fall days

So many good times outside this fall. The weather was lovely.

Christian loves to shoot baskets...I love watching his expressive personality.

Jonah and Daddy

This tree in our backyard looks so clean, crisp and fall like in the late afternoon.

 Kansas sunsets, you are among my favorite.

Apple Cider Donuts....they smelled delicious...and tasted oh so yummy.

My two kitchen helpers are often willing to climb up and get involved!

Great Grandpa John (90 years old) rode his bike over to check out Noah's new bike.

We use the tree house swings quite often.
Noah took it to a new level, bringing his pillow...while wearing his cape. Brining nap time to the swing set.

We go on walks when we can, rarely do we go TOO far with Noah on his balance bike..but he's getting better at it!

And some days, I hook them up to the bike and we go on a bike ride. On this day, I had biked into town to the post office..and they both fell asleep on the way I kept going. They stayed sleeping for at least 20 minutes after I stopped at home. It was the sweetest.

Morning's can start out pretty lazy...
they both like to see Christian get on the bus, if they are awake,

 Jonah is so fond of his biggest is so cute. And Christian is usually gracious to give him the hugs and kisses that he wants. Christian actually asked to hold him..which isn't usually the case..I said, "good luck, he's not much for sitting still anymore!!"
But as it turns out, he loved every second (well, for at least several seconds anyway!).

Christian was studying "Tom Turkey" at school, and he had the idea to ask Grandpa for some old ties to use for Tom Turkey's Tail!

We refer to Jonah as this...and for several reasons. He is kinda a teddy bear, he makes the growling sound very well, and on occasion we just need a different name to call him :)

 Lots and lots and lots of coloring goes on in our house. 
Noah gets pretty particular about his pictures, and NEEDS to fill them with color!

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