Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jonah [8 months]

Jonah, my baby...we have had quite a month.
It has been a rough adjustment on both of us as I started working full time the end of May (11a-11p shifts).
Around the same time, you had a change of heart regarding drinking my milk from a bottle. That makes both of us pretty bummed. For this summer, Daddy gets to be at home with you and your brothers while I'm working. I get plenty of updates on my phone from him, and he has brought you up to see my a couple times (so I could feed you). I'm glad you don't hold it against me...and you welcome me back with a big ol' smile every time.

You have two teeth on the bottom, and your smile is the sweetest. It lights up your face. You can jabber really loud, and attempt to copy squeal sounds. I love how you grab my face and open mouth "kiss" my cheeks (especially when you see me for the first time if I've been at work).

You are loved by all of us. Christian's interest in you has increased significantly lately. You enjoy the attention, and its SO sweet how affectionate you are towards one another. Noah stills shows you his love and attention, I think he thinks you are getting big enough to treat as an equal and not just a baby though.

You are such a cuddly little baby. I love you chubby little legs, arms, and cheeks. I could just hold and rock you all day long. I'm glad you liked to be rocked to sleep. You usually go to bed around 8:30-9 and sleep til about 5:00-5:30..going back to sleep until around 7, and you often wake up at least once in between for a brief milk snack.

I have a feeling you and your big brothers are just going to be quite the crew. You get some serious attention. Christian was playing "Round and Round the Teddy Bear" in your crib...and you thought that was pretty hilarious.

And you Mr. Big Stuff..think you need to get up on your hands and knees. You haven't started officially crawling, but you can sure rock back and forth pretty good. You definitely have the elbow crawl down REAL well, you are fast...and everything is fair game in your mind. 

Happy little fella. You usually eat baby food late morning and at supper time. You don't like most vegetables...but fruit and oatmeal you seem to like very well. We've tried giving you Cheerios and Puffs..but neither one seem to interest you yet.

You tried out the pool for the first time, you liked it!

Jonah...ahh, you make my heart happy. You are growing up so fast.
You wear 9 month onesies, 12 month rompers, size 3 closely approaching size 4 diapers.
Although, I'm definitely not ready for you to grow out of your baby stage...I am VERY glad you are healthy!

You know your mama and daddy for sure. You have a strong liking for me (which I'm very grateful for!!) have started reaching for people. You will also elbow crawl super fast over to me if I'm nearby and 'climb' up my leg. Speaking of climbing, 2 days after turning 8 months old you climbed out of your crib! I was in the other room and had laid you down, heard you jabbering happily...then 'clunk', I went in and you were on the floor and crying! I felt terrible. The crib went all the down right away!

Whew, 8 months old!
We sure do love you baby Jonah!

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