Saturday, June 20, 2015

Goodbye Lola

The Greats are doing well. They are enjoying their home, and eagerly come out of it to graze in the yard when we let them. 

Hey there, Fannie. Looking good.

About a month ago, the suspicions we had of Lola became truth. She began to warble in her throat, as in a practice session of "crowing"...and it was then she confirmed the larger body, and larger comb were not just coincidental..she really is a rooster. So, since she is a he, Lola is now Dale (my Great Uncle's name)...or Christian just prefers to call him Lyle, just because its close to Lola.

Dale/Lyle stayed with us for a bit, and then he really started getting good at his cock-a-doodle-doo. We don't really want to be "those" neighbors. So we needed to give him away, or eat him. We ended up giving him to our doctor. His wife is also a doctor, I've known her for probably 8 years and they are just neat people. So Lola/Dale/Lyle is now at his new home with 14 other chickens. The trip to drop him off, was entertaining in itself. He had one attempt to fly away in the back seat from the box Ben was holding. I looked in the rear view mirror and all I could see were chicken feathers flapping all around Ben's head. Of course, Christian thought that was pretty funny.

As a side note, Christian has informed anybody that asks about roosters being part of our flock. "Well, no we don't want roosters, because we are want to eat the eggs, and the rooster is the one that makes the eggs into new baby chicks." Good to know.


Camille said...

I just now noticed this post. I'm laughing out loud imagining Ben holding a rooster in a box and feathers flying everywhere. Is that a 'forever moment'?

The Hershberger Home said...

Ha!!! Yes, it is a forever moment...rearview mirror, Ben body but his head is nowhere to be seen...instead I see flapping wings and feathers everywhere!