Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving [2014]

I am thankful.

Thankful for our home, my husband and three little boys that I share it with. Along with that, I am so very thankful to be a definitely has its challenges, but they each bring me such JOY.

Thankful for our health (our overall health, as right now we have a bit of sickness going around that has lingered for a couple weeks), and grateful none of us have major health concerns.

Thankful for our families, and glad they share a love for one another and the Lord.

Thankful for our jobs, Ben enjoys teaching at McPherson...and although I can't say I'm "excited" about going back to work in January, I do enjoy the work of helping mama's bring babies into the world.

Thankful for our friends. It seems as though it is going to be a season of change among several of our friends that live nearby and they will no longer be living close to us..but I am still thankful for their friendships, even if it means we will get to see them less often.

Thankful for our faith. I am SO thankful to know that I am not alone in this world. That even if I didn't have all these wonderful things to be thankful for..I would still have my faith in God.


So here's a little bit from our Thanksgiving this year. We started off the day a little something like this...

Poor Christian and Noah have had a cough and just overall not feeling well off and on for several weeks. So there have been many moments of grumpiness, fragile-ness, neediness, and just not doing so hot.

Our three sons...each so different, yet so special in their own ways.

Jonah's first Thanksgiving.
Oh little boy, we are all so thankful for you...and are SO happy to have you in our family.

We drove to Topeka for a Hershberger extended family gathering at Ben's parents new house. We got back late afternoon, and went to Mom and Dad's for supper. Brent and Alyssa's family and Mitch were over there as well.

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