Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jonah [one month]

Jonah, you are a month old...
and you are so sweet. I mean...so.sweet.

We all love you, very much. Thank goodness you don't mind much of the things we do...the loud volumes, the shuffling around, the touching, the tickling, and of course the snuggling.
You really are a good baby, you don't have much to complain about unless you are hungry, have a gas bubble, or get put in the carseat (although you are not near as vocal about this as your brothers were! thank goodness!!). You eat well, about every 2-3 hours during the day, and every 3-4 hours at night. 
I am shocked that I have yet to use a burp cloth due to spit up. You just don't do it. (At least yet.)
We have all had some form of colds/allergies over the last month, including you. It isn't affecting your eating or sleeping..which is nice. You just snort and grunt around at night while you eat..but otherwise fall right back to sleep when you are done. You sleep in our room for now, in a sleep sack on your back. (As much as I think it would make sense for you to like to be swaddled...you never really have liked that...so be it.)

{one week old}

You have beautiful eyes. They are blue (in most pictures they look really dark), I won't be surprised if they would turn brown at some point. We think you resemble Christian a bit..but you definitely have your own look too. You certainly have more hair than either of your brothers did as a baby!

{two weeks old}

{3 weeks old}

You have two very caring big brothers..they love you quite a bit.
Christian is very gentle with you. He talks to you calmly and if you cry, he will tell you, "It's alright baby cakes...big brother is here." We like to call you baby cakes sometimes. It seems fitting somehow.

I know the picture below is blurry of you...but it seems to sum up the three of you.Christian having a more quiet undertone regarding his liking to you...and Noah, well the opposite. He is not rough with you (usually)...but he is much more passionate about showing his love for you with his actions. It will be fun to see how the interactions will change as you grow older and bigger.

Noah is quite frequently wondering what you are doing. He checks in on you...kisses your head, tickles your hands/feet, or just looks at your face REALLY close with a smile. He calls you "Oon-ah", sometimes "Joo-nah". 
He will often request, "I hold Oon-ah", with his arms open ready to carry you. I place you down to him, while still holding you...he will look down at you for a couple seconds and then 'return' you to my arms very quickly. Throughout the day, he will give me updates (even if it is while I am holding you or feeding you). "Oon-ah seeping (sleeping). Ssssssshhh." "Oon-ah eating (while he gets VERY close to your head to make sure indeed you are eating)." You won't get away with being left alone for very long as long as Noah is around!

{4 weeks old}

You weigh 10 lbs 2 oz, 21 3/4 in long...putting you at the 60% in both areas. Your head is 39 cm..93%, lots of brains in there! You outgrew your newborn clothes around 3 weeks. You wear 0-3, 3 mo sleepers, and size 1 diapers. 
Two things that I am glad for that I didn't have with the other two: the Moby baby wrap (it is so comfortable to carry you on walks with this..it doesn't even feel like I have it on!! And it can hold Noah (still very comfortably)....he was my guinea pig, and he actually liked it!) and the cozy cover for the carseat (it keeps you warm, without making you CRAZY sweaty and its super easy to get you in and out of without any hassle). 

My favorite part about this stage in your life, is simply snuggling you to pieces. You are so cuddly, and I love to hold you on my chest...especially in the late evening when I'm not chasing other little boys around. I love to kiss your chubby little cheeks. You have given me glimpses of what your smile looks like in your sleep...and you had about the cutest little giggle as you drifted off to sleep the other day. I'm so glad you are healthy and growing...but please don't grow too fast ;)