Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Adjusting to three

(His first Sunday to church 10.26.14)

Having a new baby comes with change...with comes with adjustments. So far all of us are adjusting well. We are all back to being mostly healthy...just some runny noses/sneezing left for 4 out of the 5 of us (Ben seems to be in the clear). I'm glad that Ben has passed down the ability to block out a newborn cry to both Christian and Noah. And although that is somewhat sarcastic..I actually am glad that it doesn't wake anybody up when in reality I'm the only one that needs to be awake to feed him anyway.

(Ready for our first walk outside..........and the sweet little face I get to see at 3 am)

Noah is very open about his love for Jonah. He continues to kiss him VERY frequently. He "needs" to check on him often. When I am feeding him, he will climb up on my lap and check out the situation and often make sure I know that my shirt can "snap" at the strap. He will randomly want to hold Jonah, but it literally lasts less than a second before he smiles and QUICKLY hands pushes him back for me to hold. He often goes to where he is lying to try and pick him up...or at least get his hands underneath him and wiggle his little hands around enough to get him awake. If he is unsure where Jonah is at in the morning, he gets concerned..."oh no!! (shrugs his shoulders and turns his palms up) Baby go???" He can say his name...most often said, "No-nah".

He also turns on the vibrating part of the chair...which is not necessary for Jonah's sake. He looks a bit guilty with the picture on the right!?

He brought this lovely NOISY toy to me while I was feeding Jonah. He was so proud for making the toy play the song over and over again :)

Christian is fairly neutral about the new baby. He loves him, he will ask or comment about him throughout the day...just not near as "hands on" as Noah likes to be. He is very helpful in getting me things when I ask, or talking to Jonah is such a sweet voice if he starts to cry. The hardest adjustment for him seems to be the change in attention that he gets at the exact times he would like it. I think that is pretty normal, and I'm glad for the time of Ben was able to take..he spent a lot of time playing and doing various things with both Christian and Noah. One of the funniest things he's said..Noah was talking about a belly in a book, and Christian said, "Noah is saying he thinks there is a baby in your belly Mommy...and that is not kind, that is like calling you fat." (I just smile...and then he looks at my belly.) "But Mommy, your belly really is going down, and people won't call you that you have a baby in there anymore. Because that would be rude to say that, because that's like calling you fat, and you aren't." I had to laugh..oh Christian, you are just a tender little child...there are adults that don't understand this concept.

Ben is quite helpful with the boys. Again, it was so nice to have him at home for a week!! He always says he doesn't feel useful during the newborn phase..since he can't feed the baby and that's usually the need if he's crying. However, he is VERY useful and especially when I am feeding Jonah with watching/playing/entertaining the other two..and bringing me water (as I almost always forget when I feed him..and I get SO thirsty!) He's a good daddy..and good to me :)

Me...I feel good. My feet have FINALLY started to look normal. The left one especially stayed very swollen up until now. It still seems very surreal I have THREE little boys...and they all have their own quirks, and looks, and personalities, and I love them all SO very much. I feel very blessed.

A few more random pictures...of goodies that the boys have received in the mail!

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