Friday, June 20, 2014

Tree House (part one)

One of the main summer projects we wanted to do this building a tree house.
It's more like a tree house/swing set.
Ben wanted to reuse the old decking from Mom and Dad's old pool. He and Christian have been thinking up a plan for months now. 

Here's the before "tree"

Ben had poured the footings for two of the supports. Then his parents and Sam came one day to help out.
The first level was braced to the tree and put up by noon.

Then next, they "thought" it would somehow work to get the second level hoisted up WELL above the first one. It was obviously not easy to even move on the ground, let alone lift high into the air!

After a couple attempts at this, it was time to move on..we'll figure out another way to get that level up there at a later time (perhaps using machinery instead of people).

Grandma H. played with Christian and Noah and kept them out of the way.

The slide (that I found for FREE..and a garage sale!) was connected to the tree house..its a little steep..but it'll work for now. Christian gave it several test runs. 
They also got up the beam for the swing set portion. 
It's kind of a big fella.

A really big start is underway! 
I'm so glad for the help too :)

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the brokaws said...

oh my , that looks like serious business. can't wait to see it completed--I bet the boys are loving it!