Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

I love these two fellas.
My Dad is just an all around good Dad. He works hard, he gives ALOT, and he loves his family :)
I feel blessed to call him my dad. And know that the boy's have a pretty awesome "papa" (as Noah calls him)...that they love and adore!

And Ben...well, I refer to him as "super dad" frequently. 
He is very patient, loving, and playful with the boys. I'm so glad they have a role model like him to look up to. His part in our everyday routine is SO appreciated! 
Noah recently started saying "Da-eeee" (daddy) so much lately...very excited about Daddy! And Christian loves to help him out with projects, to play with him, have him tuck him in and read him his Bible story at night, and listen to his stories. 
I'm definitely blessed to have him in this parenting role we share :)

For Father's Day, we went to church...and then had Mom, Dad, and Mitch over for lunch. We took naps, and then went over to Mom and Dad's house to swim in the late afternoon. Mitch made grilled chicken (SOOO good) for all of us. We were missing Carissa's family, and Maddox and Ava (they went to camp!). We played kick ball outside after supper, it was a gorgeous evening!

Ben is gifted in many areas...hula hooping, is not one of them :)

Happy Father's Day!
You are loved.

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