Monday, June 9, 2014

Deck [part one]

Ben started on the deck the last week in May. 
He's been working on it in the evenings and weekends now.

Christian loves to be apart of the progress. This was when he was digging the holes for the footings.
They were left open, until he could fill them with cement. One morning, Christian had woken up and helped himself outside. I heard him I ran out thinking he had fallen in one of the holes. 
Thankfully, no..he had not fallen. However, he had climbed down in one (which is as tall as he is), and there was a spider in there that he DID not like! He had placed a bunch of his toys to fill some of the other holes. As "fun" as this was, we ended the game of playing in and with these deep holes. He used the grabber toy to get the toys out of the bottom. He told me, "Mommy, I better do it. I don't want you to squish the baby." Right.....

The lumber arrived in our driveway. This is new favorite spot to just "hang out"..especially in the morning. He will ask for a snack of plain graham cracker and juice, then go outside and sit here to eat it.

The beginning. 
 This is the before picture...all sorts of classiness going on here!

 Mom and Dad stopped by Sunday afternoon to check on the progress.
They tried out my new hammock chair I got for my birthday!

Noah isn't the best person to have on the loose. He just really likes his Papa..and really likes to be where the action is :)

Dad stayed and helped Ben screw down some of the boards. I think he was a bit more effective at the job than I was.

It's pretty exciting....I'm looking forward to having picnics and people over to enjoy the new deck SOON! 

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