Monday, May 5, 2014

Sprinkler Fun

It has been warm. It feels lovely to me :)
Christian was REALLY wanting to go swimming..the pool is not warm yet, or the sprinkler will do. He was excited! And his little farmer tan just cracks me up.

We received this lovely tractor sprinkled lately..and it was wonderful and all...but lets just put it is defective. Sorry Brent, but it doesn't really work. So we switched out sprinklers..and the fun continued. Oh, it was so fun for me to watch. I love watching his shear JOY from just running through water!

Noah is not a fan of the sprinkler. It wigged him out. He was intrigued by it..he likes to watch, and he even got really close. But when the water sprinkled over over. He was perfectly fine being held by Daddy (who looks thrilled to be talking on the phone!).

I'm sure there are plenty more sprinkler...and soon pool days ahead!

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