Saturday, May 3, 2014

Preschool [end of year]

First Day of Preschool                                             Last Day of Preschool 

(it was literally freezing outside if you can't tell by his posture, but he INSISTED on wearing this outfit!)

 The last day of preschool was at the ZOO!! 

Christian fed the giraffe! He loved it.

All the preschoolers/families met for lunch.
This picture was intended to be for the kids wearing their "I Hesston College Preschool" shirts...and Ms. Larissa. 

Christian and Ms Larissa.

Its pretty crazy how many things he has learned through preschool...whether it be actual information that the teachers taught, the silly things that other kids have taught, or different art projects that he has learned to appreciate.

He can count easily 1-20..sometimes up to 40

He can recognize numbers 1-9..and surprised me when he puts bigger numbers together correctly, like 84.

He knows the alphabet, but is a little sketchy on recognizing ALL the letters without help.

He can write his numbers and letters, mostly all by himself, some assistance still required. 

He easily writes the CHR part of his name..then always says "what comes next", even though he spells his name all the way through. 

He tries to refer to things in lengths of time..however this far from accurate. It's usually something like, "that will take 50, 100, 62, 100 days" or "that will take a year, and a month, a year, and a month!" Although, it is interesting how he grasps how many "tomorrows" in if its in three days, he'll ask "tomorrow?...tomorrow?...tomorrow?" The first time he did this I said, "I said no," after the second tomorrow...but I then realized what he was doing after he argued his point.

There was a little boy he enjoyed playing with at preschool, and apparently they liked to be rather silly. After telling him its fine to be silly..but not when the teacher is talking. He would say, "I let ____ know we can't be silly when they are talking...AND we HAVE to pick up our toys when they say its clean up time!"

For some reason he didn't like to do the art project for a large part of the year. This surprised us quite a bit..because any time we would do some kind of craft at home he was excited about doing a project. Towards the end of the year, we had some conversations and tried to really encourage him to at least TRY the project. He started doing many more of them. The one that he learned to really love is the hot plate "melting crayon" pictures. It's kind of funny, since Grandpa H. is an artist and his paintings are made with melted wax.

It will be so fun to see what preschool brings for him next year!

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