Thursday, May 8, 2014

Outside helpers

The weather has finally been nice. It kind of skipped spring for a couple days I feel like...seeings it went from 50's to 90's. But I'll take it, I was just done with cooler weather!

We've been outside most days. We're not doing a garden like we have in the past at our house. We planted a few vegetables in pots and are calling it good. I also got some flowers to put in containers..and a few different things to put in the front bed of our house. 

We went over to help Grandma plant a few things one day. The sprinkler had been running, and there was such an irresistible puddle to play in. It started out pretty innocent...and quickly got MUCH messier from there.

I really should've taken a picture of his back side with and without his shirt on. He had a large very muddy spot on his bum...and his diaper was weighed down so far he couldn't walk right from all the water he sat in. 

Christian had found flags in Grandma and Grandpa's yard (from the sprinkler system that was just put in)...and he thought he needed to "decorate" the flower bed we just planted.

"Sure. I can do it!"
Helping me move the flower pots to the front of our house to plant new ones in.

 My biggest helper of all :) We cleared off all the mulch and took out several things that were planted in there and transplanted them to other areas (they needed more sun). Then Ben planted several hostas, laid down plastic weed barrier, then covered back up with mulch. 

Thankful for the weather, the plants/flowers, and all my handy helpers!

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