Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Noah [18 1/2 months]

Noah...how are you already 1 1/2 years old! You are definitely acting like it, but that doesn't mean time isn't flying by!! You make sure I have plenty to do in my days. You are a boy with a mission.

Typically, you go to bed around 8-8:30, I rock you with a bottle of milk (almond milk..you seem to have issues with whole milk still)...and then lay you down with your white blanket and your Christmas lullaby music (the same one Christian sleeps to). You wake up usually very early morning 4-5:30...and we give you a little more milk..and you sleep in until 8:30-9. 

You wake up talking to yourself in your own language...and I come to get you. You hand me your blanket, pretend to lay your head down and snuggle for maybe up to a minute maximum...and then you want down and take off for the day! When ever you are ready for your nap (usually around noon or so) you will just start following me around, wanting me to hold you, or you bring me your blanket. You take a two hour nap most days.

You like to eat bananas, dry cereal (Honeycombs are your favorite), granola bars, yogurt, cheese, pasta, pizza, peaches, pineapple, meatballs, hotdogs, many foods you can use your own fork to eat with (you seem to have a strong preference about feeding yourself!!).

I recently had to adjust the straps on your high chair. You were quite the little master at getting out, even if strapped in with the tray up against you. And you'd very PROUDLY get out...climb on top of your tray, and the one day (prior to me realizing you could do this)...you were on top of the kitchen counter just walking around. I had gone to quick change my clothes and you surprised me :)

You don't say alot of words. Rarely do you use dada, and other than a couple times have I ever heard you say mama. You like to mock words frequently on your own terms...such as the word "click" (cli)(when you get strapped in your carseat/high chair), "sock" (ck sound), "ball" (ba), "light" (yi), "wheee" (that's probably the one used most often and the most clear!), and last but not least "beep" (m-bee)...used to BEEP noses! 
You like to use that game of beeping MY nose when you should be sleeping some nights, and I eventually go in there and attempt to rock you....I'll shut my eyes, in hopes that you will too. Instead, you just look up at me as I peek at you...and then you get the "look", and you start pushing my nose. When I don't do or say anything, you do it a little harder and start saying "m-bee" "m-bee!". Its hard not to laugh at you...and sometimes I do...its funny. You are funny. This is also the time of night when you give out your open mouthed kisses most freely. So, you see my dear, you have me in a pickle...you need to be sleeping when this is happening...but how can I turn down plenty of kisses, and your funny little looks while saying "m-bee!"?? It can be done...and you do get put back to bed. 
(Daddy isn't as keen of your little games at that hour, trust me :) )

You have quite the looks. Your eyes are very playful. You can look out of the corner or tops of your eyes so ornery!! And although you don't give out your laughs to just anyone..when you do, it just makes my heart SO happy. You like to give hugs to your brother and others your own age. Sometimes this doesn't go over well...when the other person is the same size...it usually ends up with both of you on the ground because you knocked them over.

I know you're up to no good when the house is too quiet. You've either climbed up something you're not supposed to..or gotten ahold of a phone, or other item that you know you're not supposed to have. You have a strong passion for phones. Mercy, you think you're entitled to them. 
I think the only thing we've found that you are scared of is water that comes in spray form...such as the shower or sprinkler outside. You absolutely HATE getting a shower, or water poured on you. 

You are so curious. Your brother is not always so appreciative of your curiosity. You are always trying to figure out a way in or around or on top of wherever you are. You are quite good at emptying drawers of any kind..in the kitchen or bedrooms in particular. You get up on your tippy toes often to try and reach!! We call you Twinkle Toes...you are always on the go! You can open our sliding screen door by yourself (which we will have to get a latch for or something!)...I realized this one morning when I came out to the kitchen to find that you had helped yourself outside!! You definitely LOVE to go outside. You often bring me your shoes and head to the door. Well...you like shoes in general anyway..you try on anybody's that are lying around! 

Its safe to say you are most definitely a GRANDPA'S BOY! If he is in sight, you go straight for him. It is so funny. Just today, I just said the words "papa" a couple times in a row, and you just giggled and giggled! I think he's a fan of you too :) You like many of the male people in the family (don't worry, I know you still like me too!)...Daddy, Christian, and Uncle Mitch....and our neighbor Bill (who I'm pretty sure you think looks like Grandpa!).

You are a pretty happy guy Noah! We are so grateful for you. You keep me on my toes...some days a little too well :) But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you!

Things you love:
-being outside
-going down the slide (which you now do by yourself sometimes)
-animals (you love to see Cleo..Gpa & Gma's dog, and their chickens too!)
-bath time (no showers...but you do love baths!)
-doing "round and round the garden" on your hand :)....its so cute!
-playing in the sand/dirt

Things you're not a fan of:
-getting your nose cleaned (which needs it alot lately!)
-changing your diaper
-when someone leaves and doesn't take you with!
-the feel of grass/plants on your feet or really any part of you
-talking :)...I'm sure you will be soon enough...maybe we all talk more than enough for you!

You weigh 22 lbs 6 oz (7%) and 32 1/4" tall (47%), have light brown/blonde hair, very blue eyes, 7 teeth, wear 12-18 month clothes, size 5 shoes.

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