Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day [2014]

 Mothers Day. 
Its a day I feel so blessed to have my two little boys that have made me a mama. And also a day to be reminded how special my mom is to me!
Ben had gone to Topeka Saturday to help his parents move into a different he was at least able to see his mom on Mother's Day weekend! We are quite thankful for her too!

This year we just did one mother's day celebration. We went to Mitch's house after church. He grilled us some very tasty kabobs with steak, chicken, and shrimp. Ben made the angel food cake...and strawberries. We spent the early afternoon there. It was quite warm..but also EXTREMELY windy, so it made it next to impossible to play games outside!

This was the best picture with the both of them I got for the day. 
Love them both...definitely have changed my life forever!

 We were matching...hence just the three of us :)

 The mamas

(We were missing Carissa for these photos...I don't know why she couldn't have made it for the meal...its only a "short" drive?!) 

I love my mom. 
Couldn't imagine life without her.

It's an extra special feeling to have another little baby that will someday call me mama growing inside.
So thankful for these thankful.

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