Saturday, May 3, 2014

Baby Chicks

Grandma and Grandpa got a little over 50 brand new baby chicks at the end of April.
They are so soft and SO cute. 
Christian talks so nice to them, as if they really understand him. He likes to hold them..its pretty cute how he takes it very seriously. "Ohhhh, they are so cute. Cute little chicky. Ohhhhh. Ahhhh. Look at them. They are just adorable."
Noah..he just watches and giggles at them. He likes the idea of touching them, and then he does (not near as gently as Christian!) and just laughs.

After many visits with the chicks...I think I've decided it is the one pet I think I could handle right now. And it would be convenient if we got some that laid eggs. Maybe in the near future we will have a few (definitely not 50) of our own.

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