Sunday, May 25, 2014

All in a day

This is an assortment of pictures throughout one day. 

These typical. 
I don't know why Christian loves strings/ropes/anything he can "hook" things up to or connect things to...but he does. And Noah, well he's just proud to have climbed on his chair!

 While Ben and Christian were outside working, Noah and I stayed out of the way..and stayed inside.
His "job" was to rearrange any furniture possible (he will move these chairs ALL over the place) 
AND carry his Bible around. Both jobs he does with authority.

Meanwhile Ben and Christian were busy digging the holes for the beginning stage of the treehouse!
They both have quite the ideas they've been discussing about what this treehouse will entail. I am very curious how it will all come together. I LOVE how they can have these conversations..and then work together. It is so funny to watch how Christian takes this seriously. 
He would dig for awhile..then Ben would come over and they would switch holes. It was one of those moments I will have etched in my mind...just so sweet to watch them work together.

They also were working on the well for a bit. It had a leak in the pipe, so Ben dug out around it to fix it. This little baby bird had fallen down in the hole..and the mama bird was nowhere to be seen. They found a worm while they were digging the treehouse holes, so tried to feed it to the bird. It would chirp so loudly...and open its mouth, but everytime Ben tried to drop it would miss. 

Noah, didn't want to watch from inside any longer..he needed to feel included. 
Although Ben is going to start working in June..he has lots of projects going before then..with just one week off from school in between jobs. He's painting a family friends' house in McPherson, he started the treehouse and the deck for our house, and he fixed the well (hallelujah!). He's just a handy hard-working fella..glad I can call him my husband for 6 whole years now!

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