Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunshine and family times

 It was a beautiful nice that we even got to wear shorts!
 (Christian has been OBSESSED with the idea of wearing shorts daily...even when the high is in the 50's..and is very upset when this is not allowed).

Ben had taken a personal day, he helped Alyssa do some painting in their new home for a little bit in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to the Arboretum for a walk/bike ride/stop to blow bubbles.

Mid afternoon we headed to the MCC sale. I wanted to get there early enough to get some opened at 4..we got there at 4:30. Let's just say, alot of people must get there at 4:00 sharp to get their plants picked out! I did get some..and truly, I don't think they had want I was wanting anyway...but I was shocked at how speedy things can get picked over!

The highlights for Christian were the BIG SLIDE, the coin tornado thing that he saves his money for, and the inflatable play area. 

This was the crew that ALL went down the slide! That thing is high...and the path up there is...shall we say, a little sketchy.

He is not spitting his food out...he's trying to keep ALL of his New Year's Cookie (which is actually a doughnut) IN. He saw me get my camera out...and he tilted his head back to pose. Lucky Uncle Mitch got to hold him after he ate this. He let him ride on his shoulders..I'm sure he didn't notice any form of stickiness from his hands on his head or face afterwards!

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