Wednesday, April 23, 2014

He is RISEN!

I think each year it is fun to see how much more Christian understands about holidays..and why we celebrate. With Easter, we talked about the real reason...and he said "because Jesus died on the cross for us..and then rose from his grave." It is especially neat to hear his questions that come very randomly...but they are very sincere about understanding Jesus and death and Heaven and how that all works. I think I especially find it intriguing because it challenges me to think and really think like the raw mind of a 4 year old. Somehow, I think that's more real than how some adults tend to think sometimes when it comes to faith and understanding the power and the love that Jesus has for us.

There are some fun things we did to celebrate...dying Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts. Both very entertaining. 

Noah..the little stinker..he grabbed an egg and promptly made the small crack a big one. So we just set him in the highchair and let him have it. He tore it in a million pieces..but never did try it.

Christian did a good job mixing colors to make new ones, and dipping them halfway in different colors...he had fun. I was kind of surprised, he seems to have a mind of his own on what crafts/projects he wants to do these days. This one was fun though!

 Easter Sunday we went to church..we were back in our is finished being remodeled. It looks very nice. Between church and going out to Mark and Beth's for lunch we stopped at home to play outside and take a few pictures. It was a good thing we did, because it sprinkled the rest of the afternoon.

Here are some of the my favorites...

Poor Ben..he was my test to see if we would fit in the picture...
this task was a bit taxing on his patience. Or perhaps, the concept of taking a family picture in general is just about enough to test anyone's patience. 

But his efforts paid off. We all fit in the picture :)

There were plenty of "outtakes"...but I liked Noah's smile in this one..despite Christian's best effort to make a ridiculous face.

For the most part, Christian tried his best..and Noah won the award of 'most difficult'.

The only way to get Noah is on-the-go...he is quite the guy :)

Hard to believe he will be a BIG BROTHER with Christian this fall! 

We went to Mark and Beth's for lunch and spent some time with the Hershberger family. Then mid afternoon we went to the Sweigart house..with the other Kansas Sweigart's...did some more egg dying and egg hunting...and eating. It was a good day. A somewhat dreary, but almost pleasantly-dreary-to-relax kind of day! 

He is RISEN.....indeed!

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