Monday, April 28, 2014

Bugs and Worms

Christian didn't used to be a big fan of bugs, or things that crawled outside. Some of those things, he's still not a fan about and makes quite the noise when he comes into contact with them.
However, since last fall, when he learned about various bugs in preschool...which ones were good for the garden and just other tidbits about bugs, he's come quite the affectionate one towards them. 

He knows which ones help plants grow...and I guess that means he will be friends with them too!


Then in preschool last week they talked about worms. I would've never guessed he'd be this friendly with worms..but you'll have to check out the the picture of him on the preschool blog! When Grandpa gave a reaction...he said, "Well GRANDPA...worms are good for the garden!"

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