Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Say its true....please!

We've had a few nice days...and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed them by being outside!
I hope this means spring is around the corner. I know we haven't even had it 'that bad', considering the other parts of the country that have been pummeled with snow. But still...I'm ready...we're ALL ready!

So on the nice days, we typically get a bike ride/walk in at some point. Christian LOVES to ride his bike he got for Christmas and the car case that came with it, is now his "bug collector" or stick/leaves/random assortment of stuff collector.

I'm glad for the path near our house that we take. We will occasionally make a pit stop and the "secret spot" as Christian calls it. It really is just a nice quiet area. It's funny how Noah walked on the grass, I forgot he hasn't spent alot of time roaming the grass..usually just inside!

 Melt my heart.

 He just loved to be much. He was QUITE verbal about the idea of going back inside!
Once he discovered Christian's rake, it was a keeper. He carried that thing around the whole yard...just as proud as can be.

 Dirt does a boy's soul good. He can spend some serious time playing here.

Oh, I do hope that spring is coming...please!

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