Friday, February 14, 2014

My little loves

I like to do the fun little things for Valentines Day. I like to (mildly) decorate and do some fun crafts of sorts. Its just nice...and a happy sort of holiday. I do think its silly to the extent some people take it...but to each their own. 

I think I enjoyed making the water color hearts more than Christian. All the options...they looked so pretty.

I could decorate my new area around the kitchen..

Christian especially liked his mail box treats. Some days the "mail" didn't go...other days it brought a very small random treat. Noah's favorite one was the yogurt covered raisins.

This was the first year he handed out Valentines.
We gave s'more flavored goldfish crackers (You make class S'MORE fun)...and he wrote out all his classmates/teachers names and signed his name. It was good practice with writing his letters.

A final treat for us...brownie cupcakes.

Relaxed little cuddle bugs.

 I was actually gone on Valentine's day, through the weekend. I went with the youth group to Snow Camp at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp in CO. It was good. I wish I would have felt better, I have some kind of cold/respiratory junk that is less than desirable. Regardless...I'm glad my three loves at home survived without me..and I was glad to see them all on Sunday evening!

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