Monday, February 24, 2014

Kitchen [FINISHED]

Throughout January and into February, the last bits of the kitchen are getting completed. 
Ben says there is even yet a few more minor details to wrap up...but for all proposes of saying its is FINISHED! Yay :)

Tiling the backsplash..

Painting the kitchen/dining room, living room and hallway..

My message regarding my feelings toward the new kitchen..

Ben cut out the wall/window, framed out the space for the new door, and then installed the door one afternoon. This is the same space the "old sink" and window used to be.

Crown molding around the cabinets, toe kick, other trim stuff, and a few other cosmetic things...and it is d-o-n-e!
 So here are the final pictures of the kitchen/dining room...

Dining room

A bit random as far as final product..but its somewhat fitting.
Demonstrating how handy it is to get into the pots/pans little helper.

The back door and back of kitchen (excuse the weird lighting..the wall is not green, it is really brown)...

The view from the front door...

The big picture...

Thank you very much Mr Hershberger...your work is greatly appreciated!


Julie said...


Carissa Gredler said...

Would you look at that?!! When is Ben and co. available?

the brokaws said...

wowzie. too bad i can't come over and cook with you everyday. :) ben does it again.