Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ohhh Christian

 At play.
He is always coming up with a way to make things connect the untraditional style. 
Often bricks, chairs, blocks, are used to create some kind of bridge or tunnel. He has a very active imagination and puts a creative spin on his play. That said..he often will follow me around when I'm trying to get work done instead of playing and say, "I just like to follow you everywhere you go!" (Why is it that happens...when there are literally hundreds of things to play with!?)

At bedtime.
Daddy almost always tucks him in and reads him a Bible story. He knows himself some Bible stories...and it melts my heart to hear him say throughout the day part of a story and then explain why that happened. And then he'll wonder how miracles happen and how did Jesus rise from the dead? He has some good questions sometimes...and I hope we are answering in a way that makes him grasp the awesomeness of how Great our God really is. I think I learn more from him about things regarding faith than I do going to church. (Maybe that sounds bad...or maybe Christian just challenges me in a different way that I don't have to answer to at church.)

At work.
He loves to help. "I can handle it" is still a frequently used phrase...or when its not suitable to his timing or liking (ie. picking up his toys) it changes to "Well, actually, I can't handle that." He can make some great construction sites out of legos, blocks, or the most recently received toy...a doll house.
He needed to build up walls and make gates so the animals could go in and out.

The self appointment "demo" man, Noah...doesn't always have a happy customer about his wrecking abilities. I often hear, "No, no mess maker here!' "Uggggghh. He is making my work HARDER!! I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED!" and the latest that he used was....
"No, Noah. No, no, no, no, business for you here. I don't have business for you. Nope, not here. No business. You don't have any business here!" Repeated about 3 times. Unfortunately for Christian, Noah doesn't take no for an answer...and has to be physically removed :) 

At being you...
He has a STRONG opinion on certain things...that if we are REALLY up for a challenge, we go ahead and take him up on it. Clothes are one area he usually has a definite idea of what needs to be worn. It often has to be "cool" or "fast". I think if he could wear his Nike pants with the lime green stripe down the side it would happen every single day. Jeans are a big issue...although he knows for school and church these are just times that we sometimes have to wear them. I had no idea a little boy would have such an opinion on this...I really thought I could just lay out some clothes and that was that. Phaa! Another area of independence or maybe just stubbornness is still food. Picky. Picky. Picky. Poor Ben just does NOT understand how this can be with his love for really baffles him..and seriously frustrates him at times.

He has a light hearted spirit. He can be so playful, so loving, and so genuinely happy. When he sings while he's makes me smile. And when he talks so sweet to Noah, "Noah, buddy. It's alright...I'm here for you. You can do it." "Yay yay Noah!! You can do it. YOU are doing it! HE'S WALKING!" Or when he just randomly says while we're driving, "Mommy?!?.....I love you all the way to space."

And lastly one of his favorite things to do...with his the wii. Oh my, this lights up his face!

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