Wednesday, November 27, 2013

These are our days...

Some days I wonder what it is that I in how does the day seem to disappear?

See how nice they can play...

And then a turn of events...Noah is not what you'd call "graceful".

 I think there was probably a whacking of a piece of train track...and that really would not feel good. Sorry buddy. (This was a matter of seconds..I obviously had my camera out because they WERE playing nicely...and how quickly it changed.)

Bath time is always a good time. They both love them...and they love taking them together.
Lots of laughter goes on in here!

Then there is this guy...
he occupying a very large portion of my day :) 
On the go...climbing, walking, going down stairs, going into bathrooms...splashing in the toilet water (yum), feeding him food, putting him down for a nap, trying to get into areas he shouldn't be...just watching a one year old kind of stuff!

Some days I maybe feel like they aren't productive...
but they are..
just in a different way than what I had in mind.
I have to remind myself of that...especially when the house reflects that all I've done is watched two children. And nothing else!

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