Monday, November 11, 2013

On the go

Noah just turned one...but it seems as though he should be able to stay a baby a little bit longer.
Obviously, he is fine with moving on. 
He is walking more and more...getting up from the floor and taking off. Oh boy.

He got a slide for his birthday...both boys LOVE to climb on it.
It is amazing how each day Noah seems to get a little more curious, and little more brave to climb all over it on his own, and then turn around and go down backwards. He also mastered the real stairs on his own, he turns around and promptly goes down. 

That pointer finger is starting to get used more and more to show what he wants.
There are only a couple words that he uses...."go!" and "whoa!"
....not even mama or dada. Silly guy.

They really do love to play with each other...
and it used to be Christian I'd have to remind to be gentle to Noah.
However, within the last several really have to watch what it is Noah has to play with...because he will BANG whatever is around..even Christian's head. Ooouch.

Bathtime has become Ben's domain ever since Noah was big enough to sit up very well in the bathtub..and both Christian and him could bathe together. They love it...all the giggling and splashing that takes place is quite entertaining to listen to from the other room. I think this was one of that last times Noah used the baby tub within the big tub...he thinks he's SUCH big stuff now.

He looks WAY too grown up in this picture. He's an active, on-the-go ALL the time kind of little fella. I can count on limited personal productivity when he is awake...but I obviously wouldn't have it any other way.

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