Friday, November 1, 2013

My big marshmallow and little pumpkin

We don't get to hyped up over halloween. 
But it is fun to get dressed up in a silly costume and go say hi (or trick-or-treat) to people we know.
This is the first year Christian had an opinion on his outfit.
At first he wanted to be a rocket ship, then an astronaut, and then...he said, "I know. I want to be a marshmallow!" Done. That was it...a roasting marshmallow it is...I think he said this at lunch when we was eating, looking out the window in our backyard where we have had several campfires including roasting marshmallows this fall. 

And as far as Noah goes...I found this at a thrift store for cheap..and that was that :)
Funny to think last year, he was 5 days old..and fit INSIDE a pumpkin..and this year he is a very active and growing pumpkin!

I must say, they were a pretty cute pair if I do say so myself..both of them had an element of soft and fluffy!

A dancing marshmallow...
I think he was dancing to the song, "Do the Twist" as we had just heard it on the radio earlier in the day. Noah thought it was pretty funny.

We went to a couple of our neighbors...we have such good neighbors. Then we went to the Villa. That was my favorite. I had no idea they would actual have the residents handing out candy...I just thought we'd go by and show off the boys in their little costumes. And to top it off..this is a picture of our dear "friend" that we see EVERYTIME we go in to D'Angelos at lunch to eat. He always has a smile on his face and says hi to us. Christian always goes up to him and shakes his hand and says "hi, how you doin' today?" It makes my heart happy. 

 We stopped by Uncle Mitch's house.
He had a GIANT gorilla at his house...both boys were very amused by him. 

 We made a few more stops...
and for our final stop we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house...
always fun treats there!!

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oh that marshmallow is just too cute!