Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kade #7

Kade turned 7...he's getting so big!
He cracks me up often.
I love how he tries to carry on very adult-like conversations with Christian.or Noah for that matter.
He can be so sweet and sincere.
He can also be very ornery.
He has a very creative imagination.
He LOVES the outdoors.

So at his birthday party...we were able to be outside during the whole thing!
It was an absolutely beautiful day!!

We had a scavenger hunt (and went on a walk), we ate pizza and birthday cake outside, and opened up presents outside too.
Afterwards, we all went to check out/play on the new property Brent and Alyssa are getting. 
LOTS of room to roam and play :)

Happy Birthday Kade indeed are quite the special and sweet young man.
We love you so much.

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