Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give Thanks

We have so much to be thankful for...
so much.
Health, Family, Our home, Jobs, Faith, Friends....just so much.

This year, we had a thankful tree on our table. And everyday (well, nearly everyday) we would add a leaf of something we were thankful for. Christian and I contributed the most to the tree...but Ben had a few, and Noah had a few (via Christian). We had found the perfect branch for it on a walk. 

I had fun doing this. It was so sweet listening to the things that Christian would say he is thankful for. Somedays, he was much less creative...but other days, throughout the day he would say, "I know!! We should put THIS on the thankful tree...
"the beautiful sunshine","the colorful trees", a family member", one of his buddies at preschool, "steamy cinnamon milk", trains, race cars.

I think the two he picked for Noah, were "bananas" and "anything I can climb on"...very fitting.

Some of mine...
A handy husband, warm showers, a washing machine!!! (this was on a day that I think I did 6 loads..involving sickness...yuck), music/my piano, our cozy bed, my boys (Ben, Christian, Noah)

And Ben's...
laughter, Jesus, vacation (as in the brief break from school over Thanksgiving)

This an so much more we are thankful for. 
We are blessed. And I'm grateful that even as a four year old, Christian can recognize that God has blessed us with things we are thankful for.

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