Monday, October 28, 2013

short, but sweet

My roommate from college came Saturday afternoon and stayed over night. Her parents came for a wedidng, so she and her sweet little baby, Hudson, joined them. It was a short, but sweet visit.
They made it in time for Noah's birthday party. Afterwards, we went on a brief walk...then later went over to my parents so she could catch the ending of one of the World Series games (I didn't even realize that was taking place...her and I are similar on many things...but NOT the knowledge, nor the passion for baseball..specifically the Cardinals!).

Hudson...what a good baby! He and Noah are 8 months apart, exactly.

I wish we could go on walks routinely...too bad Iowa and Kansas aren't closer.

An attempt at the boys' picture. 

Thanks for making the trip Ranee.
I'm so glad I got to snuggle with you a little bit, Hudson...
and glad to catch up in person with you, Ranee.
Feel free to do this again..anytime!

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the brokaws said...

1525aIt was so fun! So glad it worked out! Thanks again for all the yummy food and a great time!!