Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Festival

There was a Pumpkin Festival in town this we went.
It was a beautiful morning, and the activities we just right for us (as in we spent just over an hour and the activities were geared toward little children!).

There was a petting zoo....which consisted of two calves :)
Nevertheless, Christian enjoyed the friendly one for quite some time.

There was a hay bale/straw play area...connected to a slide.

We went on a hayrack ride.

Had duck races with this water pump connected to pvc pipes cut open. It was fun. And Christian buddy from preschool, Kason, was there!

I had to stop to take a picture of them :)

And lastly, we did the hedge apple sling shot. There was a floating wooden pumpkin head in the water that you tried to get the hedge apple to go through. Between Christian and Ben they came close a couple times....they had fun.

It was a happy fall kind of day!

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