Saturday, October 26, 2013

Noah [one year]

Noah Bear you turned one year old!

What a big boy!
It's hard to believe one year ago you were only 6 lb 6 oz...a little bundle in our arms.
You are now 19 lb 6 oz, and so close to walking on your own (you took a couple steps by yourself just a couple days ago!). 
You climb, crawl, and get into just about anything and everything!

You love your brother SO much. 
He can make you laugh so easy. The two of you are very funny together sometimes. You make sounds back and forth than giggle so hard. Oh, it makes my heart happy.

You love to be outside.
We go on walks, you like to look all around.
It is funny how timid you are about things with different textures....this may be food, different types of toys, grass, leaves, etc. Oh, you can make some faces about these! But it also works for having you stay in a spot for a little don't want to touch anything to move.


You have slept a solid 8-9 hours in a row! HOORAY! It has yet to be a running trend, but that's alright, we're getting there :) You are a good eater for the most part. You definitely know how to bat your hand at something if you don't want it...or shovel it in your mouth a little too well if you like it.

You haven't said any words yet...but you can babble and jabber a long story worth. I'm sure one of these days something that is recognizable will come out. Every now and then, it sure sounds like you try to make the noises into something...but I think that might be us just putting 'words in your mouth.'

You are getting such a sweet personality.
So lovable. So playful.
You are overall such a happy little guy!

You LOVE balls.
You actually can throw them quite well!

You love your mama..and you can give the best snuggles.
(You love your daddy too...just to be clear.)

You are growing up so fast. Hard for me to believe that you are growing out of the baby phase and into being a toddler. I love you, my little pumpkin.

We are so blessed to have you in our lives Noah. 
I am so glad God gave us such a healthy, happy little boy to join our other one.
You may add more mess and more noise...but you my dear have added even more joy too!
I excited to see what this next year holds for you Noah Benjamin.

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