Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Birthday Bear Party

For whatever reason, we have called Noah, Noah Bear since he was very little.
In the first several months he had moments of being as grouchy as a grizzly bear...but overall, he's been as cuddly, playful, and happy as a teddy bear.

We had his first birthday party on his actual birthday.
We had mostly "bear" things for snacks...
goldfish, honeycombs, swedish fish, gummy bears, and teddy grahams
a mixture of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and teddy grahams
rainbow fruit kabobs with fruit dip
 chicken/pepper/pineapple and salmon/lemon grilled kabobs
and of course cake and ice cream...a teddy bear and a number 1 cake for Noah.

My sweet little birthday boy.

Dad with Noah and Hudson (my college roommate's 4 month!)

We had quite the crew that came to celebrate...
Both sets of Grandparents, Great Gpa/Gma Hershberger, Great Gpa Bergey, Paul C. (Brenda was out of town), Sam, Brent and the kids (Alyssa had a prior commitment), Mitch, Ranee and Hudson.

Noah has an aversion to textures...including frosting.
I really thought he would want to smash it, or at least want to taste it. 
It took awhile and some prompting, but he at least touched it.

I don't think he ever really ate the cake part, he just licked a bit of the frosting...and mostly just smeared it around and put it in his hair. A new flavor of hair gel :)

Lastly, we opened up presents....
he is thankful for all the wonderful goodies he got!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating our little man's birthday. 
Happy Birthday to you Noah...and many more.

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