Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Office

Ahh, the office. 
It has been virtually untouched since we've moved in...other than removing ALL the previous things that were left in there, and replacing them with our own stash of "stuff". It is the one room, I really don't like to go in..and it is time for an update from top to bottom.

After Ben finished the closets in the bedrooms downstairs, he moved all the things that were in the office down there. That is a whole different project in finding a home for all the things...but nevertheless the office upstairs is now empty. We were waiting for a day that wasn't so hot to take out the door that was going to that room. 

Here are some "before" pictures:

 While he had the door off...we took out that big ol' bookcase...and he went ahead and ripped out the carpet too.

Our super helper..I used that thing (I'm pretty sure its for getting under a car) to help with my part of "carrying" the bookcase. It actually worked rather nice.

Ben put the sheets of drywall in the office before closing in the door. Oh man, it already looks SO different. I would've never classified the room as "spacious"...but for whatever reason, with everything out if now looks very small! Funny how your eyes play tricks on you like that.


I'm looking forward to the changed that will happen to this room!
Glad for that handy guy :)

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