Sunday, September 8, 2013 can go now.

We had a VERY mild summer. It is actually warmer now than it has been all summer..which is just crazy to be able to say. Somehow I feel as though when September comes around, fall should be here too. (Not the case..but maybe if I do a recap of the summer, that means its coming to an end.)

So, here are a few pictures of times we spent at my parents house. 
They finished the pool deck this year now Ben refers to it as the "resort". Occasionally, we help out around their gain our annual to the pool :)

In July we had a few of our friends and their kids over there to swim and have supper. We had a good time. Mom even watched Noah and Braxton for us. 

Kira playing basketball with the boys :)

Mom with the boys...they are 5 months apart.

While Tim & Carissa were here..we all enjoyed the pool together too.
Again, very lively games of basketball were played. Lively = exhausting...and so entertaining to watch!

It looks like Brent is edited in...nope..just a funny picture!

Then there's the big ol' sand pile in their back yard. I tell you what...this is Christian's favorite thing to do outside (other than swimming). He could stay out here for a very long time...and he doesn't mind playing by himself. I really think we should get a pile for our backyard. Somehow, its better than a sandbox. 

And Cleo...Mom and Dad's new puppy (in July). She's a golden retriever..and Noah LOVES her. Christian is a bit undecided on his appreciation for her. She is pretty cute...and VERY playful!

There you have it. 
We actually just swam in the pool today...Sept 8...and it was 102 degrees outside.
Summer, you were fun....but you may step aside now and let Fall have a turn!

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