Thursday, September 26, 2013

Noah [11 months]

Noah...eleven months old!

Your smile is so sweet. The bigger your teeth get, the older you look! You only have 4 for now...but you chew on most anything to try and help those side one come in. You are definitely becoming more verbal within the last month. You make a growl sound with the letter "A" sounds so funny. You make a lot of "ba-ba-ba and daa-da-daa" sounds, but have yet to put a word to anything in particular including mama or dada :) 

You are a go-getter and a tough little guy. Your big brother gets a little frustrated at how much you can get into "his" stuff, and has to be reminded not to push you away. However, you think it's a game to be pushed down, and you laugh! This usually makes Christian say, "No, Noah...its not funny!"...which just causes you to laugh more. Oh you two!

You eat a variety of food. You prefer to have whatever it is we are having most of the time. You are a big fan of most fruit, whether it be fresh peaches or the baby food version. Anything you can pick up usually try it out. You're not a big fan of drinking from a sippy cup. You would rather it be just a regular drinking cup that I have..or a bottle (to mainly chew on).

You nap good. You sometimes get to take a short nap in the morning (often it is shortened because we need to pick up Christian from preschool)..and then you lay down for a two hour nap in the afternoon. Night time is getting better??? The last several nights you have only woke up once..we'll get least you go back to sleep fast! You like to sleep with your white blanket. When you wake up, you are SO bang on the top rail of your crib..and start your form of laughing when I come to pick you up. (your socks are coming off in this picture..your feet look a little wonky)

You have your own look. 
It feels as though you are staying around the same weight now, your chubby legs are not quite as chubby, and your face not so round. Perhaps this has to do with how much you get around. Either way you are still wearing alot of 9 month clothes,  a few 12 month outfits and PJ's. Your hair is getting long, still strawberry blonde...and your eyes are still blue, although some days they have a hint of gray in I'm wondering if they will stay blue (Christian's changed after he was one).

You love...
to bang your hands on things and are reminded often to be "gentle"...which you just find funny
to swing know how to throw really well
to sing...and listen to music
a wreath that hangs in our living makes you so excited when you go past it
to see the rolling pin..again, you start getting so excited when you see it (I don't know why!)
your brother...he can really get you to laugh the best
for us to clap our hands when you do something and say "YAY YAY!" clap your hands too
to get into anything you are not supposed to!!

You are getting much faster and swifter at walking with help (whether it be leaning on something or somebody). You are just getting so big my dear, I'm sure you'll be walking on your own very soon!
For now you know how to make a bee line for what you need in a hurry...drop to your knees and crawl very fast!

Sweet Noah Bear, we love you so much. 
Hard to believe next month you will have your FIRST birthday!

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