Thursday, August 22, 2013

Preschool [1st Day]

Christian is going to preschool this year!
The family open house was the night before his first day of school.
We all went to check it out, meet his teacher, and play with all the fun toys.

On the way home, Christian said, "I don't think I want to go to preschool."
Oh boy... I said, "Well, I think you would have fun playing with all the toys. And I bet you will get to do some really fun projects!"
C: "Wellllll...I think you can come with me."
We didn't really push the issue anymore. Instead, I put on a WonderPets episode of the first day of preschool for a fish while I cut his hair. All was well.

In the morning, Christian was only agreeable to just "one" picture.

 It almost broke my heart when we getting in the van to go to school, and Christian was talking to Noah. I asked what he was saying, and he did his 'I'm-embarassed-to-tell-you-so-I'll-answer-you-really-fast". He said, "I don't want to tell you." and then he said, "I was telling him he could come with me to preschool."
I said, "Oh, buddy, I think he would be too little."
"Well, I think he could just crawl and play with me."

I took him in...and he did so good. He gave me a hug and then slowly walked to the door. But he didn't hesitate once he looked in his room, he ran in! I actually had a dentist appointment during this time..which worked out well for me. I got back in time to pick him up and he was just fine. He didn't have a lot to say about his time there. 
After picking him up after the second day, he wasn't so sure he wanted to leave. He is already very fond of his teacher. After I told him even Ms. Larissa doesn't stay there, that she would need to go home to eat...he said, "Well...I think she will eat there. She will be there." (I think he thinks she lives there.)

Ah, this is only preschool I realize. But it is change, and it is new. We are looking forward to hearing all about his stories, friends, and all the things he learns. 
I love you are my brave..and oh so big boy. (but you'll always be my baby!)

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