Monday, August 26, 2013

Noah [10 months]

Noah, you are 10 months and on the move!!

It was VERY difficult to get a picture of you holding still, unless you are being held or strapped into something. Whew.

You LOVE to climb stairs. You know you are watched closely when you do you start to take off, you have to peek over your shoulder to make sure you have our attention. You can zip around on the floor really fast when you want to...especially when you are wanting me to hold crawl over and climb up my legs. You've started a new kind of crawl where your right foot pushes off and your left knee stays down. This way you can be standing once you find something to lean against in no time! You walk along furniture very well...I'm sure you'll be doing it all by yourself in no time!

You are a tough guy..a bit of a "bowzer" as Grandpa and Grandma would say. I tell Christian he better teach you to play nice and show you how to be gentle...because you don't mind being rough. You're pretty solid...and you already like to wrestle around with Christian. The other night, you were laughing when Christian was saying, "that's enough!!!" We are often saying, "gentle...gentle..." when it comes to your hands whacking around. You are very playful, but my dear, you are getting strong too!

You love music...and really love to sing. It is quite funny how noisy you are when you try to "carry a tune", especially in church. Once the song is started...your voice comes alive!! You also like it when I play the piano...and think you need to help me out :) 

You can be such a sweet boy. Your toothy (4 teeth now!) smile gets me every time! You are still bashful when strangers look/talk to you...but you almost always check to see if they are still there after you turn your head and give them a big smile. You get SO excited when I come in to get you out of your crib. You know how to make your mama smile!

You are doing much better at eating. You eat better when you get to feed yourself eat what we do often. Some of your favorites; pizza, macaroni, spaghetti, meatballs, bananas, peaches, bread. As long as we have something for you to grab and put in your mouth...we still are able to feed you the baby food at the same time. You aren't very good at drinking out of a sippy chew on it VERY well, and you don't mind it...but you don't seem to necessarily have a  need/want for it.

I still feed you at least 4 times I seem to appreciate that quite a bit!

I have big hopes for your sleep pattern this month. You are ten months old I think you can master sleeping through the night, right? Not to be picky...but it really is a good idea. You take a morning nap, usually an hour long...and an afternoon nap, usually 2 hours or so. You go to bed around 9:30...and you HAVE been getting up around 1:30-2 for a snack (although I've been turning this option down, and you will sometimes go back to sleep with some coaxing...but other times I give in...because that's what kind of mama I am!) And then you will get up another 2 or 3 times! Yes, see...this is why I have big hopes for this let's work together and see if this can happen...okay, buddy??

As far as your looks and growth. You still wear 9 month or 6-12 month clothes. Your hair gets thicker and longer every month. It still has a strawberry blonde tint to different than Christian's. You have a rounder face/head than him too. Your eyes are still very blue. You hold yourself very well...but you're solid. I can't tell you how many people say you look like your Grandpa (Sweigart). It is so funny seeing you and Christian together...because you really don't look like each other...yet you are quite the brothers!

Love you Noah are quite the little keep me on my toes!

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