Monday, August 19, 2013

Drive-In ~ Birthday ~ Anniversary

We had a fun filled weekend.
After Ben got off work on Friday we went for a walk (Christian rode his bike of course!) around Crosswinds. We've been going on walks/rides more routinely either at the Arboretum or Crosswinds...Christian especially loves to be able to ride his "super-fast-bike". The other day, he turned back to look at Noah and me to say, "Are you comin' slow pokes?"

On this particular outing, Christian was tired and hot..and needed a break from riding his bike...and Noah was tired and hot...and desperately wanted out of the stroller. I had stopped to get my hair out of my face...and this image just made me want to freeze time. "Super Dad" holding Noah..while pushing the bike...everything was now right (for at least 5 minutes).

Then we decided to go to the drive-in in see "Planes". What an adventure. We ate supper, then took baths, got our PJ's on...then headed out. We stopped at Walmart for just a couple snacks, and I let Christian come in with me to use birthday money ($5) to either pick out a car or a plane...he chose a  car, and was SUPER excited. He was also so taken back by the fact that he was going into Walmart with his pajamas on...when we were walking in, he looked up and said, "Mommy, this is SO funny. I am wearing my PAJAMAS in WALMART!!" ....I nearly lost it. What a foreign concept to a four-year old...but grown adults do this every single day. (I actually have a picture of an example from just a couple weeks ago...but maybe that's not nice to put on here..) At any rate, I thought it was funny he thought of that.

A very unclear picture...but here's the boys waiting for the movie to start. It looks really bright..I think that's because the flash went off on my phone. The movie was good..we all enjoyed our time (even Noah..he fell asleep, and sleep peacefully during the movie!). And now we hear all about Dusty Crophopper and Jolly Wrenches. 

Saturday morning, we found out there was a parade going on in we went with our friends, the Hofstetters! The parade was to celebrate 90 years of the Gleaner combine...very exciting, you know :) We saw many, many combines...from over the years. Christian was especially grateful for Karl's ("the candy man"...sorry, just kidding Karl) personal candy we were toward the end of the parade...1 piece for each kid was A parade just doesn't seem complete without candy....I guess getting to see all the combines was good enough (hmm?).

The boys...ready to see these combines!

Saturday evening, we went to Mark & Beth's house outside of Inman to celebrate Mark's 60th birthday. 
It was a perfect evening. Due to the next day's celebration...there were family members from out-of-state that could come, so it was extra special. Christian brought his bat and ball...Grandpa H. played with him before supper.

They have a very woodsy view surrounding their house, which they just moved in this year. I liked's crazy how un-Kansas certain areas can feel like when there are alot of trees.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to go to first service. All the Hershberger clan was going to be there, in honor of Howard and Martha's 65th wedding anniversary celebration (on 8.15.13). We then continued the celebration at the Water's Edge building, for a good meal and program. It is so special to see a marriage that gets to last this long, not only because they are still alive...but because they have and still love each other for 65 years!! I hope in another 60 years, Ben and I can have a big ol' celebration with a room full of our family and friends!!! Definitely something worth congratulations to you Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger!

Not the best picture...but its the only one I had of the event (somehow my arms were full or chasing after a certain somebody). Martha was directing everyone in singing a hymn. A program was put on by Tim and Daniel Penner; part of it included poems to each other, and the original wedding vows were read by John (their oldest child) and Jana (their oldest grandchild). It was a very nice way to honor and celebrate their 65 years together. 

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