Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We left for Colorado Thursday (8/1) at noon. The trip out went much better than I expected...following our Arkansas trip, my expectations were very low..so I'm glad it exceeded expectations! 
Not too long after we passed into CO, we saw something in the short distance that looked like a cloud of smoke or a trail of dust from a truck going down a dirt road. The closer we got, the bigger it was. It was a dust storm..that looked something like this (I took this right after we were through it).

After some minor bathroom issues (Christian...but he told us "not to worry about it")...we arrived in Woodland Park. We met Ben's parents and Sam there, and we stayed at Tim & Faith's place there. It is a very nice 4 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathroom house.

Grandpa H and Christian being silly "loft monkeys"...in the loft that was in our room.

Friday...Christian's 4th Birthday!!!
We enjoyed the beautiful day outside. We went for a mild hike..which was probably best...I was carrying Noah in the carrier, Diana just had hip surgery the beginning of June, and Christian was just done with the glamorous idea of "hiking" right after we turned around to head back. It was the perfect amount of time and length of a hike...and such a pretty day!

Noah did well..he fell asleep on the way to the trail...and stayed sleeping in the carrier for quite awhile. 
It was a pleasant surprise :)

Sam and Christian

4 fingers for Christian's birthday!

After the boys took naps..Christian got a couple presents...and we blew bubbles outside.
Christian likes to blow the bubbles on Noah's feet...it makes them both laugh!

We had spaghetti and garlic bread for supper (one of Christian's favorite meals) and then ice cream for dessert!! He had a great birthday!

The day was complete with a rainbow next to Pike's Peak...the view from the balcony. 
Truly awesome.

Saturday we went to a dinosaur museum in Woodland Park. We walked around a bit. There were alot of people in town for various types of events...so we weren't able to have a picnic like we thought. We came back to the house, ate our lunch, and then hung out inside most the day since it was rainy.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and then got our things around to head back home. It was a nice treat to get to go spend time with Grandpa and Grandma H and Sam in such a peaceful and beautiful setting!

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