Friday, August 2, 2013

Christian [4 years old]

four years old (going on forty...some days with the way you talk!).

Life is never dull with you around. You keep us on our toes, you keep our minds going, and you keep us laughing daily!

You are such a good big brother. You are able to make Noah laugh like nobody else...and once he starts, it makes you start giggling like crazy! You have your fair share of moments that you get frustrated with his mobility and not wanting to share your toys with him...but overall, you are pretty patient with him and like to help him out. "Hey Buddy!" (you usually refer to him like this, especially when he just wakes up!)

You are such a helper. Often you want to try to help doing whatever it is we are doing...especially Daddy. We hear, "I can handle it," or "Don't worry....I can handle it." Lately, its been, "Well, I am BIG, I am four. I can handle it." And every now and then, you will use that phrase to get out of doing something you actually could handle...but would rather not do. "Ah, I don't think I can handle that."

You are very determined/negotiator and will attempt to reason with long as we will listen. I will give you credit, that often your logic does following quite the path.
A different side of this is when you figure out how things work/run/operate, sometimes without us explaining...and other times, you will ask a very detailed question to figure it out. If you don't get a "satisfactory" answer, you don't give rephrase the question until you get whatever it is figured out. You will not settle for "just because" or some quick (made up) answer usually. You will repeat the answer at any given it is probably a good idea we don't just make something up.
As far as negotiating is a little crazy at times. Some of the most common phrases..."I would rather not.", "No. No. No....that is not a good idea." "I have a good idea." "I do not prefer that." "Five more minutes. (the ultimate amount of time in your mind...usually when asking to play before nap/bed time)."

You love cars...the movie Cars, and the characters that are included in that movie are your favorite.
You also like to build with blocks, legos, marbles.
You seem to have a short attention span for markers or coloring. But you can put together 48 piece puzzles in one sitting when you are in the mood.

You love to play, golf, bike riding, bubbles, sand, sticks, dirt, swimming, and digging with your shovel.

You love books. At night, Daddy reads you a Bible story before bed...and you definitely have your favorites..Daniel, Joshua, and Jonah. Often you try to get "one more book" read...whether its at home or by Grandpa.

You have a memory like a steel trap. Whether it be songs, stories (told by your Daddy and/or Grandpa),  directions (you seem to know which way it is from our stop sign to go to "church-left", "grandma's house- straight", "Minnesota- right", etc), logos (Braums, Dillons, the "danger sign"= caution/dangerous (and you will find the smallest sign that has this and ask why it needs a caution sign). If there is a sign, you really "need" to know what it is saying and then you will remind us of it each time we see it...or ask again, just to make sure that is indeed what we said it is. When we are in the car, you like to just look out the observe EVERYTHING, and then you either talk about what you see or bring it up later. If its something you aren't sure start off by saying, "Remember that place that you said that people go to Heaven? Remember? Ah, what's that called again? -a cemetery- "Yeah. A cemetery. Do we like those?"

You sleep in your bed (which is still on the kind of sprawl all over the place still). You take a nap in the afternoon for a little over an hour usually. You sleep with your TWO and brown...and they have to be opened up 'just so' on your pillow. Sometimes you get to sleep with a toy for a special treat. You sleep with your Christmas lullaby CD that you have had playing every night since you were VERY little!! (I think we all have those songs tucked away in our minds for life!) Daddy reads to you and tucks you in (and sometimes falls asleep next to you for awhile). You go to bed around 9:30 or so and get up about 8.
You have a detailed imagination. When you talk for your have full on conversations....and it is hilarious. I'd say most the time, you really like if someone is in the room with you when you are playing...but for the rest of the time, when you play by yourself...I thoroughly enjoy listening to you interact with your toys!

You are not the best have started doing better in the last several months. We have to get creative with our ways to get you to eat...often using voices to pretend we are cars, or animals, etc. Whatever works!
Spaghetti, hamburger, bread, cereal, yogurt, pizza, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and usually applesauce are your favorites.

As a rule you are very social. On the rare occasion or around certain inform us you are going to "be shy." You greet people with a wave and say hello to them. You definitely enjoy talking to our neighbors..especially Bill. I am never actually nervous about what you will tell people...but I never know how much information you are going to give out while we are in public...children's time at church in particular. Some days you are just off in general (as we all can be guilty of)...and you get fussy...and VERY hard to get out of the funk. I'm glad that these days are not the norm...but I have to search in your mouth to see if the real "Christian" is still in there when you get like this for too long. As long as I can get a smile out...I know you're still there, and remind you that I love you...and I'd like the real Christian to come back to stay!

Random phrases you say sometimes....
many of them are said with your head tilted, your eyes squinted, and your mouth all funny...something like these pictures below.

"Oh my goodness."

"What in the dickens??"

"Don't worry..."

"I bet this is SUPER FAST!" (a very common reference towards toys, clothing, shoes, that means you give your seal of approval!)


"Whhhaatt?? MUST be kidding me!"

"Hmmmm, let me see." (tapping your first finger to your face)

"That smells horrr-ble!"

"Construc-quen", "Instruc-quen", "Direc-quen" (you can't really say the "tion" part of these words)

Oh Christian. I can't believe you are already FOUR years old and going to be a preschooler! You are a sweet, funny, and smart little (but oh so BIG) boy! We love you so much!

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