Thursday, August 8, 2013

Break's Over

Well, our summer break has come to an end..Ben returns to school tomorrow.
It has felt so un-summer like lately as far as weather goes.
I'm definitely not complaining, it just has been weird to see so MUCH water, and our lawn is so GREEN, and LONG..that I actually wonder when it will be dry enough to mow?!

(the "pond" that is by our more like a lake)

On this last evening before Ben heads back to school, we went into town to the Arboretum.
We brought along Christian's bike as a surprise...he's getting so good on it!
Of course he likes to refer to himself as "super fast".

Noah was a huge mess from eating supper...he ate pizza. Lately he's been preferring our food over his delicious baby food. 

It's been a good summer break.
I've been so lucky to have such a helpful and handy husband around...we will all miss him during the day!

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