Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ben's Summer "Jobs"

While getting paid to do a summer job would be nice...
it was equally nice to have Ben at home to finish some bigger projects.

1. The Bathroom
(this may get a few separate posts of its own to remind us how it got to this point)
From the partial bathroom that it started was gutted with the rest of the basement last year. This past spring he started doing the walls...and took all of June to complete the rest.
I'm a big fan...its so handy to have a functioning and clean/new bathroom downstairs!

2. The New Paint Job
Oh, and my I am ever so happy for this to be finished. The outside of our house has always been one of the biggest things I wanted changed. He power washed and caulked every single piece of siding underneath and all over the windows....lots of caulking (I think he said around 17 tubes). Then painted it with the paint sprayer. The garage doors are either yet to be painted or replaced...we'll see.

3. The Closets
The closets in the basement were left unfinished last summer. A "collection" has started to accumulate in various areas that need a home...but no place to be organized. The solution is underway. He finished the I "just" need to organize!

4. The Raised Beds
He did this at the beginning of the summer. Built raised beds out of scrap wood boxes from a local shop. Then he covered them with thicker plywood and put in irrigation tubing. It ended up that we didn't need the irrigation but for just a couple weeks! I have enjoyed this way of gardening much more than on the ground...of course there is always things to be tweaked, but that's part of the fun of figuring it out. All of our plants got very LARGE this year...the zucchini and tomato plants looked like they were on steroids! We had filled in the raised beds with dirt Dad dropped off from the shop...I guess it was good stuff!

These are the ones I deemed as bigger projects...he has been a handy husband/daddy to have around on a daily basis. I'm glad he has a job he gets paid to do during the school year...but I am grateful for all he's accomplished here too!

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