Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youth Convention

This was our first year being MYF sponsors at church. This year was a convention year (every other year)...and it was hosted in Phoenix the first week of July.

In preparing for this trip...my biggest set back was leaving the boys...I just couldn't justify taking them, especially Noah since he is so mobile and yet so young. It didn't matter how much mental preparation I did...I was glad I had a couple hours from the time we dropped them off at Mom and Dad's house (so they could take naps at normal times) before we needed to load the bus. They were in good hands...but that didn't change the fact that I was going to miss them like CRAZY!

We left on a big tour bus with 50+ people (our youth group and sponsors + a youth group from Nebraska) around 4:45 Sunday afternoon. And we arrived to the Grand Canyon around 11 or so the next morning...including the time difference of a 2 hours. 

We soaked in the magnitude and then headed down the road to Phoenix...and arrived around 3.

The brief rundown of the week includes: worship with a LOT of youth (I need to check how many), listening to guest speakers, going to a couple seminars, going to a water park with a LOT of youth....and waiting quite awhile to go down each ride....but they were fun :), getting to know the youth in our youth group better, being somewhat of a officer to make sure kids were doing what we came for, and getting on average more sleep than we would have at home.

As far as the actual convention goes...I especially enjoyed the music during the worship services and 3 of the guest speakers. It was also encouraging to be able to get to know the youth on a different level than rather just on Wednesday nigts.

After a 23 hour bus ride home, we arrived just before 7 pm on Saturday night.....I was SOOOOOOOOO ready to see and hold and LOVE on my boys! I missed them terribly!

They had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's...but seemed like they were okay with coming back home with us too :) Noah especially seemed so grateful to have me feed him...so much that he thought he should wake up every 2 hours the first night back! Not complaining, I was more than happy to get up for that reason..I just wanted to hold him all night!

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