Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We all (except Dad) went to Tanganyika on Tuesday.
It was probably the most fun I've had there. 
It was almost as if each animal exhibit we went in..we had to ourselves.
It was an overcast day in the 70's...just perfect for this!

The lorikeets were CRAZY...they were just birds, but they know how to make a person feel a little uneasy!

(My favorite...doesn't Mom look to having a great time!! Not too worry..she didn't really cry..it just looks like she's about to!)

Look at those BIRDS! And poor Ava in the background...they flocked all over her right after this...it wasn't a welcomed invasion.

The one on his neck...just grooming his hair a bit. 

The bunny ate the carrot he had...and took the clothespin it was on too.

We even went on a camel ride!! Noah went with Mom and Mitchell.

The giraffes were so close....SO close...it was awesome.

The kangaroos are so soft...and the tortoises so big.
Christian especially loved the tortoises!

The lemurs..they aren't my favorite, they have a look about them that makes me uneasy...but its fun to watch them interact with people.

Everyone seemed to have such a good time. It is a memorable day for sure!!

That evening we were treated at Mom and Dad's with Carissa's infamous homemade tacos!
A GREAT day indeed :)

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the brokaws said...

that MJ face is priceless...perhaps we need to come visit you and go this place...looks very entertaining!