Sunday, July 28, 2013

Noah's Dedication

It was a BIG day!!!
Noah was dedicated at church this Sunday. He did so good up there on stage..just as quiet as can be. We had quite the crew up there with us for his prayer; Paul & Brenda Christophel (our chosen prayer partners for Noah), all my Sweigart family, Great Grandpa John, Great Gpa and Gma Hershberger, and Grandpa & Grandma H. (weren't technically up there because they were in route from Topeka...someone told them the incorrect time for church...he felt bad about I won't go on anymore on that). 

After church, Grandpa & Grandma H, Great Grandpa John, and Sam came over to our house. We had pizza and played for a bit.

So thankful for our faith. And grateful we have a family and church family that is supportive in helping us raise Noah up in a way that he will learn and know the love of Christ, and in turn follow Him!
 We love you Noah Benjamin.

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