Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beaver Lake

The Sweigart family ALL (but Tim G.) spent several days at Beaver Lake in Arkansas.

We spent time swimming, going for rides on the jet ski, playing games, eating good food, and keeping and eye on 8 children.

Grandpa had told a bedtime story about a bear when he was younger on a family camping trip...
then Grandma read "Going on a Bear Hunt" to the kids.

The guys playing the "Construction Game" after the kids were all in bed.

The girls played Ticket to Ride....
and of course we had PLENTY of food to snack on. My personal favorite..Mom's popcorn...yum.

Monday morning there was quite the impressive thunderstorm that was rolling through. Around 7:15 we saw, felt, and heard the VERY close lightning bolt that hit the bird feeder right outside the house. Dad had a big pontoon rented for the day..but that wasn't an option...since the lady said we'd have to come back if it was lightning...not sure why she even bothered saying it was an option to get it, because it was lightning like crazy, and wasn't going anywhere anytime fast. Instead, we played games inside, and by mid afternoon we were able to get in the water by the dock and swim. It ended up being a nice evening.

Brent found a true walking stick...I've never seen one before!

Tuesday, Mitch had to leave for work. But Dad was able to get another pontoon for half a we were able to go out and enjoy the ride. I love riding on the water! We had a picnic boat lunch and swam for awhile...then headed back, so Brent & Alyssa's family could head back home. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming around the dock and going for rides on the jet ski.

Noah showing his pure delight...while banging on Ben's head!

Wednesday was another rainy day. But we planned on heading back anyway. It took all morning to get things cleaned and packed back up.

We had alot of fun...the weather was not maybe agreeable with what we had planned the whole time..but simply being all together (again...we missed Tim) was more than enough to be special!
Thanks for a good time Mom and Dad :)

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