Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ava's birthday party

This little lady is eight years old...
She is a cat lover, a great reader, a good care giver to her cousins, and just an all around sweet girl!
Happy Birthday Miss Ava!

Prior to the party...
we had an entire family photo (thanks to Alyssa's brother), a rescue squad that saved one of their three kittens that was REALLY high up in the tree ("Lucky"...appropriately named), the guys played a game of ultimate frisbee, and everyone else just spent time enjoying the weather and backyard.
It was a gorgeous day...absolutley beautiful!

Our family.

Mom and sister.

Sleepy little Noah.

The great kitten rescue.

Beautiful day, indeed.

Me and my Noah Bear.

Alyssa made her a quilt...lot of stitches of love in there!
I like how much you can tell they are a mama and daughter in this picture :)

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