Monday, July 29, 2013

A Plane Party!

It was a big day for sure...we had Noah's dedication in the morning, lunch of pizza at our house...and in the evening...
 we had a birthday party with the Sweigart family for a certain soon-to-be FOUR year old boy, CHRISTIAN!!!

We had spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, jello salad, and cupcakes with 'Planes' on them.
It made it all worth while for me when Christian had woke up from his nap, and I was just finishing up the cupcake decorating....he looked at them, paused, and then his face lit up and he said, "OH my!!! Those are my favorite, I never had anything like that in my whole life!!! I love them!"
I had tried to get him to tell me what kind of cake he wanted prior to the party...and then when we looked for ideas...he saw the new characters for the Planes movie. And that was that, he didn't hesitate for a second. (Who knows if he even will like the movie....if he gets to see it!)

We had planned on doing s'mores or something outside...but the rain decided to start early in the day...and not let up. So, we had made homemade icecream all worked out! 

Christian got lots of fun new presents..and just as exciting, he got to play with his cousins. 
It's fun to be able to have the Gredler's here to complete the "whole" family festivities!

Ben and Christian didn't waste anytime in putting together his new lego set in the morning...
its amazed me how the both of them were VERY into it!

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the brokaws said...

looks like a fun party! luke would also like christian to know that he "has the same lego set and it's a big one so he should really take care of it" and wonders "did he move to a new house? and is that his first little lego set?" apparently doesn't recognize the basement and is excited for his big step into legoville. :)